Es könnte …

It could be a man, even two men.

A man and a woman, I'm not sure anymore. You could hear a sudden scream of a fight all of a sudden.Of the nothing which is eating up the whole, of the void that's cutting though space, of the false that's covering the truth.

There could be a winner - and a loser.Pride and misery, laughter and crying, Edges of division. Being loved, maybe too much.

Maybe they're existing, these unknown people that are haunting me.

Choreography: Tomislav Jelicic
Duration:17 minutes
Music: Jean-Philippe Goude, J.S. Bach, Uri Caine, Hans Zimmer

A Sword and a Thread

Oh ariadne, I failed you
In this labyrinth of my past

I killed the beast
But I don't remember what I came to find

Oh Ariadne,
If only I have listened to you
When you offered me that thread

How is it possible that myths are still present nowadays, in our thoughts, in our fears and wishes?

Still they exist, even though they're underlying the changes in our worldview and are ever changing their appearance.

Raul Valdez started the creative process with opening a space in which the body is writing the story of the legend, is designing the myth. A space in which the unlikely can become reality and the myth is pretending to explain the unknown.

Choreography: Raul Valdez
Duration: 30 minutes
Music: Christof Littmann

In Sound (for Tanja)

Emotions - we're percieving, we're feeling them. Sometimes it's diffuse and sometimes very clear. Sometimes they overcome us, take possession of us and sometimes they're just vague feelings. Volatile, like an idea.

Sometimes the voices are more quiet. Sometimes it's screaming and groaning and all of a sudden there's silence again.

When we are, we feel. We're dealing with world in an emotional way. We're percieving and we're feeling world. Impressions are processed in an emotional way.

Emotions - can we hear them? Or smell them? They're doing something to our hearing and smelling. They're intensifying our red, increase the impact of our music. Sometimes they dampen everything. Without any senses - just emotions. We feel this.

In Sound is a choreographical refection on the power of the inner emotional murmur.

Choreography: Javier Báez-Vélez
Duration: 20 minutes
Music: Maya Beiser, Ludovico Einaudi, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Steven Price, Max Richter, Aventine

My Body can scream

My voice is screaming
My body can not
It refuse to move
Another frustration
Again and again
My stupid bodyIs full of dust
Thousands of cords stop it
One by one Chewing them, biting them, tearing them
One by oneI will be free ...
... And screaming

Choreography: Erika Silgoner
Duration: 23 minutes
Music: Agf, Nils Frahm


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